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Terms and Conditions ("Terms")

I want to run with “Beijing Sightrunning”. Before that, I must know that:

1. If I run with “Beijing Sightrunning”, I assume all the risks that I take while running and I assure that I´ve read all the legal terms described below.


2. “Beijing Sightrunning” can´t assume any responsibility for deaths, injuries or problems that can happen during the tour.


3. Tours involve physical activity, and as a client I must realize if my conditions are good enough to do the tour without any risk.


4. I must know which my physical limits are and I must stop running before it becomes dangerous for me.


5. Before running, I must tell “Beijing Sightrunning” about any special thing related to my health, medical condition or medicins that I´m taking and that could put my life in danger.


6. The tours are exposed to traffic and pedestrians.


7. Traffic laws must be respected by all the runners.


8. The point before means that “Beijing Sightrunning” is not responsible for any incident related to traffic or disobedience to traffic laws.


9. Runners must respect the instructions given by the tour-guide.


10. It´s recommended to take care of hydration before the tour.


11. Runners under 18 years old will only run with an adult, who will be legally responsible of him / her.


12. “Beijing Sightrunning” could take pictures, record videos or do whatever they think is right in order to be used on his webpage or in other events related to the activity.


13. Personal information given in the reservation will be treated according to privacy policy of " Ltd”.

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